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Saturday, May 6, 2023

MyriadMyriad by Joshua David Bellin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Time travel novels are notorious for being hairballs. Matted, tangled, half-digested messes. Don't get me wrong tho, they can be awfully interesting as the cat coughs one up, but what treasure we think we're looking for isn't always the one we really need.

It's a kind of time-cop novel with plenty of mystery, so this is pretty standard. What isn't standard is the core PTSD version of time travel. I think it's pretty clever, but it's not precisely easy to get through. For one, there are many different versions of our main character and she's a mess in almost all of them. It makes for interesting reading if you like hairballs, and doubly so if you like a truly tangled plot.

Fortunately, it does get untangled by the end.

Is it good? Yes. I think so, but manage your expectations. It's almost a bit like a Blake Crouch but heavier on the PTSD -- many multiple versions of it. It wasn't precisely enjoyable but thrillers usually aren't. The tension is real.

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