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Friday, December 28, 2018

Westworld Psychology: Violent DelightsWestworld Psychology: Violent Delights by Travis Langley
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For what this is, it's quite good, but that begs the question. What IS it?

It's primarily a method to give real examples of modern psychology in a truly eclectic fashion especially for the fans of Westworld. Each of these essays, complete with examples, aside-blurbs in textbook-fashion, variously dive deep into ways of thinking, be it cognitive behavioral therapy to existentialism to PTSD and lots else, besides.

It comes with plenty of examples from the first two seasons of the show.

Who is this for?

It's for people who want to learn more about psychology and would love to see Westworld broken down to quite a few (but not all) psychological components. Of course, most of it focuses on coping mechanisms and issues like consciousness, uncanny valleys, and a nice heavy focus on how to be well adjusted rather than spelling out what's wrong with us (or the hosts). :)

What kind of surprised me was the rather huge reference bibliography at the end. :) In this respect, it's a rather more scholarly work than a popular one but a number of the essays still fit the popular bill nicely. Do I recommend?

Well, yeah, I for one rather enjoyed it because I have a psychology background so it served as a nice refresher. And since I'm a huge Westworld fan, they both dovetailed nicely. I makes me hunger for a nice Westworld PHILOSOPHY book, next.

Some of the essays might have been slightly dry but I didn't mind so much. I'm rather a geek.

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  1. FYI: Actually, there are two books both titled Westworld and Philosophy, one from Wiley Blackwell and one from OpenCourt.

    I'm pleased to see that you enjoyed Westworld Psychology overall.