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Monday, May 2, 2022

The Reborn (Eden's Gate #1)The Reborn by Edward Brody
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm tolerant of most LitRPG books because they almost always let me roll about in the RPG adventure stuff like a dog rolls in leaves. It smells great, it's fun, and it's super comfortable.

This one is no different. The best parts are the adventuresome parts, leveling up, killing baddies, the loot, and even the far-off hope that this boy will find his girlfriend across a wide, wide electronic realm.

The other bits never sit right with me -- the bits that try to tie these massive virtual realms to the Earth in any significant way. This particular SF tie-in was a bit bad. Not bad as in I can't read this anymore, but as bad as it shouldn't have tried to explain anything at all kind of bad. The handwavium would have been just fine. The whole idea that a senator could have the power to convince the whole world to turn off all these devices, ne, ALL devices across the world, or that the loss of computational power wouldn't have been felt right away in the game is absurd. lol

If I ignore the real-world stuff, however, the book was fun. :) Early days, low-level adventures.

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