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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Risen (Alex Verus, #12)Risen by Benedict Jacka
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The End.

Sometimes, or rather, a great deal of the time, when we get to the end of a well-beloved series, it turns out to be shit. We may try to excuse it or feel slightly let down that some aspects aren't addressed or it takes a really icky turn and we just have to sigh, heavily, and try to remember it for what it did right.

Fortunately, the end for Alex Verus is solid. More than solid. It's emotional. A grand sacrifice with enormous stakes and none of it was easy on him or on us. We knew exactly what was coming, a war, a desperate gamble to save Anne. We know none of it is going to go well but we have some hints as to how it MIGHT go well and from that point on, we simply put all our faith in Benedict Jacka to stick to the landing.

And we know the landing will be rough. It's going to hurt, but we've been prepared for it. And Jacka landed it. Landed it so well, with even a slight twinge of bittersweet humor, that we couldn't help but smile, sadly, just in time for the epilogue.

What can I say? This book, and the whole series, give me a warm glow.

The End. *Sigh*

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