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Monday, April 1, 2019

Six Sacred Swords (Weapons and Wielders, #1)Six Sacred Swords by Andrew Rowe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

By this point, (and I don't mean at the point of Dawnbreaker) I'm pretty much hooked on anything that Rowe writes. It doesn't matter anymore. My trust is always rewarded.

This here sets up a brand new series that happens to be set in the same world as Arcane Ascension but takes place quite a bit before.

What is similar?

Quests, dungeon crawling, puzzles, big action, and quirky coolness.

What is different?

Oh, nothing much, just an uber-powerful guy punching dragons and breaking the rules to the sacred tests, befriending constructs, romance-reading dragons, and trying to keep his world-killing sword from, well, you know, KILLING THE WORLD.

Oh, and he's a pretty positive guy. :) I can see why he picked up such wonderful companions in this book. :)

I had a HELLUVA FUN time. :) And you know what? This author really spins not just a great yarn, but he knows his audience WELL. :) We're the gamer audience. So many chapters hearken right back to our favorite JRPG games. :) All the dungeon crawler stuff is just adding story icing on all the corny puzzles we grew up with. And in other cases, I'm kinda awestruck that we get a BETTER Dawnbreaker story, assuming we're thinking on a particular Skyrim quest. :) Rowe tops that one. :)

What can I say?

This book is pure candy. Candy for the mind. :)

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