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Sunday, September 3, 2023

Pax RomanaPax Romana by Adrian Goldsworthy
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A very good non-fiction on the Roman Peace. The golden age of the Roman Empire.

Of course, I feel like it borrows so much from Gibbons, with all proper references to the classics where we can draw full conclusions, but here's the real hook of this shorter work: It's about the peace, itself.

Was the Roman Empire just good at PR, being the victors of history and therefore able to write whatever it wanted about itself? Or was it truly better than that which was the norm?

Fortunately, we get many, many great examples and a pretty comprehensive, if not over-dwelling, look at life from the start through the beginning of the true decline of the Empire. To me, this was a bit like coming home and enjoying a different take on a classic subject.

But what about the conclusion? Was the Roman Peace good, on the whole? Or was it cruel and capricious and brutal, on the whole?

The answer, of course, is: It Depends. Muahahahaha

Welcome to history. :)

This IS a very readable and enjoyable text. And it IS a bit more accessible than reading the full volumes of Gibbons. Take that as you will.

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