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Thursday, March 3, 2022

Dungeon Bunny (The Heroic Bunny Saga #1)Dungeon Bunny by Richard J. Hansen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I admit I read this based on absolutely nothing more than a perverse need to see it happen. I mean. Come on. A LitRPG from the PoV of a bunny mob in a dungeon. Seriously. With level-ups and becoming powerful included in the package.


Okay. Maybe this is a fringe thing. But who cares. The whole idea is FUNNY.

But in practice?

Well, it's slow starting because our MC is an actual BUNNY. There was a bunch of hurdles just trying to learn language even as the cute little critter tried to learn a fireball spell. So perhaps there weren't as many normal LitRPG goodies as I would have liked. A little bit near the end, maybe, and the premise is still good, especially with the embued magic stuff that I won't spoil, but overall there's a lag, a mismatch -- no matter how much I WANT to like this.

Well, never mind! It seems to be a duology so what I'm looking for might be in the second half!

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