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Friday, March 4, 2022

Bad Bunny (The Heroic Bunny Saga #2)Bad Bunny by Richard J. Hansen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I think I'll call these two books LitRPG lite. It has the setting down but there's no solid rule-based progression except as a hint -- and to me, this is kinda the core of LitRPG.

Of course, I began reading these with exactly one thing in mind: an extremely low-level dungeon mob gaining consciousness and power to eventually lord it over all other players or non-player-characters in a glorious free-for-all. As a bunny. And in my mind, I think of Monty Python. So there's that.

What we have is a pretty standard low-level progression that just manages to get through leaving the home dungeon and defeating a low-level dungeon, solo, and bandits. While all of this is still pretty cool and fully expected, the end is both extremely abrupt and unsatisfying.

And it's not even something like an ignoble death or being brought back into the monster fold or anything like that. It's a cliffhanger that leaves absolutely nothing resolved at all. You know, like 80% resolved, 20% cliffhanger kind of stuff? None of that. It's more 90% unresolved, 10% random adventure resolved. Alas.

Solution? We need a lot more. Or at least subsume this character arc into something bigger. But who knows? Maybe that will be the case.

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