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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Shadows of EternityShadows of Eternity by Gregory Benford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Interestingly enough, if I had read the post-script before the novel, I probably would have gotten into the tale a bit quicker.


Because it's an ongoing conversation with the writer Poul Anderson and his future history, concepts of future history, aliens, and where we might go as a species. And being a fan of Poul Anderson, I probably would have been much more enthusiastic. At least, I would have had a better idea where this might have gone.

As it is, this is not a short-term SF adventure featuring a simple librarian in space. Librarian for an alien archive, that is. What we actually get is snippets and adventures across decades and decades and then much further on down the line as humanity grows and learns and gets more involved in its own long-term survival.

But honestly? I didn't care so much for the MC. She was okay. The problems and the discoveries and the long-term SFnal ideas were much more interesting but that usually isn't entirely enough to hold a tale. Even if I wish it were so.

All told, I still found it enjoyable enough and don't regret it at all. Long-term adventure is pretty awesome, after all.

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