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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Necroscope II: Vamphyri! (Necroscope, #2)Necroscope II: Vamphyri! by Brian Lumley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book, an easy companion to the first, can easily be called an epic horror fest. They're both filled with complex, detailed characters enmeshed in a secretive cold war of esp, TK, necromancy, and truly powerful vampires.

This one, however, doubles down on the vampires, even the ones that have already been killed in the first book. It's not a retcon so much as a loophole filled nicely by some rather mind-blowing necromancy, and the stories the dead tell... well, I won't spoil it, but these little traversals between the living world and the dead are fascinating and provide a very meaty plot.

I also won't get into the nearly godlike powers of either father or son, either, but both are a riot. Add that to the over-the-top gore, nasty Lovecraftian mythos, and the shocking possibilities laid out in either of these books, and I've got a feeling that I'm going to be having a grand ole time from here on out.

Vampire revenge, anyone?

I miss the good old days of epic horror. :)

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