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Monday, September 17, 2018

The Curve of the Earth (Samuil Petrovitch, #4)The Curve of the Earth by Simon Morden
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is what I call some very satisfying SF.

Petrovitch continues to be the master wizard in this dystopian/adventure mashup, becoming a bit larger than life in his abilities but still CHOOSING to limit himself and roll around in the muck because he is, after all, not only a master spy, a brilliant inventor, a three-times self-proclaimed savior of the world, but he LOVES HIS DAUGHTER. And his wife.

Oh, the things he won't do for his family...

Like pick a fight AND WIN against America.

Fast forward to this novel. He's now more of a cyborg than ever, America is frightened to death of him, and despite everything, he's devoted to the Metrozone, his family, and his ideals. He just doesn't care who he has to kill to save any of them.

Or does he?

The whole novel is spent trying to find his daughter and save her, assuming her disappearance didn't mean her death... and the biggest suspect is the totally pissed off folks in America who are still stinging from the thrashing he gave them. No one likes a dude who hacks his way through ALL the missile codes, playing mind games with a reactionary religious president, or proving himself to be a better man by it.

This novel is part revenge on Petrovitch and part the start of a war that will consume the planet.... with a few cool surprises in store for us.

Impressive, right? Well, the best part is the coolness of the character is and just how many tech-toys there are and just how rational/anarchistic the Metrozone is. :)

I admit to warming slowly to this series but by now I'm just rocking hard to this ride. :)

So my big question is... are there ever going to be MORE of these? I'd be super-down to reading more. :)

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