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Monday, November 6, 2017

Skitter (The Hatching #2)Skitter by Ezekiel Boone
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm probably going to make certain people very mad I say I think I like this better than WWZ. It has the same feel even if it's not as cosmopolitan and it's not written in epistolary format. But most importantly, it has the vast character support and the feel of a world gone very wrong.

Because it's SPIDERS! Waves and waves of all kinds of spiders, quick eggs, exploding people, feeding frenzy, and many many cities are lost. It's total chaos! And here's book two. The fast feeding is almost done. Now we've got the second wave of spiders and all the survivors plodding on or deciding to end it all.

And then there's the Spanish Solution. Not having a good time? Let's blow up the infrastructure and fracture the population and cross our fingers!

These poor people are not having a good day. And the best part is... It's epic! And easy read! And it's not quite as long as all those doorstopper SF dystopian catastrophe novels I used to read from the seventies and eighties, but it certainly has the *feel* down to a science.

I honestly liked this one better than the first book. It may be due to the fact I've finally grown to like the survivors and maybe it's because I've gotten to enjoy the ebb and flow of the action and events and maybe I just like where we are in the overall story. Things are bad and getting worse and now we're deep in the new religious fanaticism and we can expect the really bad consequences of that in the third book.

I can't wait. This is great horror-SF. :) Total popcorn, even.

If I was a bit cynical, I might like to point out that this could have been written for an epic disaster SF tv show, assuming it had a decent budget. :) It feels RIGHT.

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