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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Patrimony (Pip & Flinx #13)Patrimony by Alan Dean Foster
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Alan Dean Foster has one thing down more than anything: the discovery and exploration of alien species. This new planet is full of some rather interesting intelligent races, and they're rather funny even when they're murdering each other over ideological political stances. I suppose it takes all types, right? And not a Democrat or a Republican in sight, either!

But truly, this is more of a regular space opera with a special and rather more reveal-y twist than usual. Flinx finally knows who his father is! Talks with him! Sends him with his mind powers to unimaginable spaces and times! Um. Ooops.

Oh well, at least we have cool aliens! :)

Seriously though, there's a lot of cool action, assassins, warfare, and avalanches. It's a shame these cool aliens are so stinky! Still, a fun novel even if things feel rather... formulaic. Maybe it was a mistake to read this all in a row. I probably wouldn't have minded so much if I had years in-between installments. Alas. Fortunately, I've read a lot of formulaic stuff in the past and what the author does right are characters and cool world-building and a steady progression, so I really can't complain all that much. :)

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