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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Night Angel Nemesis (The Kylar Chronicles, #1)Night Angel Nemesis by Brent Weeks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I went ahead and re-read the original trilogy in preparation for this, but oddly, I wonder if that was necessary.

Yes, it's great to know the growth of the characters from before, but really, there wasn't much of a direct continuation aside from things we'd have to learn afresh, anyway.

That being said, Kylar has issues. Guilt from what happened before (no spoilers) only grows into new, fresher pain and guilt through the events in this novel. It's fine, mind you, but he truly likes to beat himself up for a guy whose profession is ASSASSINATION.

I actually rather loved this book. It doesn't have a lot of the characters we grew to love except Vi and Kylar, except by off-action mention, but we DO have a lot of Kylar and his growing misadventures as he tries to save a baby or two. Of course, these are rather important babies, and the Chantry also wants them, so there's no lack of tension.

Indeed, the whole Nemesis part of the book truly seemed to be this one RATHER interesting guy who ALWAYS had Kylar's number, but upon reflection, I do think the true nemesis is Kylar, himself.

Great action, and a long, crazy adventure. And even if it is rather more focused on him, I didn't mind it.
Just don't expect this to hit quite the same highs as the previous ones. It's a slightly different beast.

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