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Monday, February 26, 2024

Great Masters: Brahms- His Life and MusicGreat Masters: Brahms- His Life and Music by Robert Greenberg
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Muahahahahahaha I think I rather love Brahms. His music is bombastic and really appealing, but after this little lecture series on Brahms, the man, himself, is highly amusing.

He LOVED messing with people. Between his devoted care of the Schumanns, his undying hate of Wagner, his many, many fireplaced works that might have been lost brilliance, this damn guy ALSO loved to insult many people to their faces while staunchly defending them behind their backs.

He's just that kind of guy. And money? He always dressed threadbare, earned tons of money, and just did all he could to give it away as soon as people threw it at him.

In a way, I think ALL of that expresses his musical genius, too. He threw it ALL at us, endlessly gregarious and generous.

What a damn guy.

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