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Friday, April 8, 2022

Galaxy (High Table Hijinks #1)Galaxy by Christopher Johns
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Even though the beginning didn't feel all that promising to me, more of a military fubar than the beginning of a LitRPG novel, I was further surprised when it had all the earmarks of an Urban Fantasy.

Moving on with his life after the mystery, he takes up in a bar only to be surrounded by supernatural of all types.

So... wait... is this a military thing, a UF thing?

Turns out, it's both of those things AND it hops right into an ancient power that used his mind to craft a leveling up system for its own powers BASED on his knowledge of RPGs.

And so, now, we've to a full UF/MilSF/LitRPG novel that just runs with all the fun stuff and focuses rather swimmingly on quirky characters in categories of onis, jinn, and fae. The military-like teambuilding is heartwarming and cool.

I had a good time and I feel no hesitation about picking up the next. It's sweet-tooth fiction that cares little for anything but fan service. I'm certainly not complaining... because I'm a fan.

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