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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Quantum of NightmaresQuantum of Nightmares by Charles Stross
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Charlie Stross is going at it with fine verve, yet again.

New Management has ushered in a New World Order full of metahumans, cyborgs, brain-munched sorcerers, and a Lesser Evil installed in government to protect the world from the Greater Evil of the world-eating gibbering eternal horrors.

We follow some very interesting, even rather hilarious, adventures involving meat pies, puppets, mind-blowingly evil children on a cross-country romp, deadly corporate traps, a Mute Poet God, and a not-quite-named-Kroger's grocery store involving cultists. And it might be best not to mention HR. Please. Just don't mention HR. Or the dragons.

In other words, it's a Tuesday. And as long as you're buying pizza, I'm rolling my dice.

A great flood of characters, wonderful multiple plotlines that eventually slam together, and all the best feel of Stross's Laundry Files in a Brave New World (of Lovecraftian monstrosities). I look forward to these SO MUCH and they always carry me away.

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