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Monday, May 24, 2021

AudreyAudrey by Sean-Paul Thomas

I've been following this author for a while so I never hesitate to pick up any of his novels. The novels have range and style, from YA whimsical to hardcore ragefest to mystery to light road-trip. And more, of course, but this one happened to go the route of ROMANCE.

Film nostalgia, romance, writing, greed, and friendship. The currents flowing in this one are full of redemption, or at least for the unhinged desire for it. Romance is the key, however, and I mean that on all levels, not just the romantic kind.

Sometimes this kind of novel just hits the spot. A wild-ass ride, of cutting loose, rubbing shoulders with people who ought to be way out of your league, while pining about those you've left behind, and seeing an opportunity to realize all your wildest dreams, be it sexual, professional, or just getting that forgiveness that has driven you crazy for years.

Desperation or gamble? I had a great time trying to figure out where it would fall. It didn't hurt that it was so glamorous at every level. :)

Well worth the read.

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