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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Dungeon Desolation (The Divine Dungeon, #4)Dungeon Desolation by Dakota Krout
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Super niche reading at its finest.

While I KNOW there are lots of people out there who feel like I do, that they can't get enough of this kind of read, it almost seems impossible that it exists and that I get so much ENJOYMENT out of it.

That being said, if one of YOU know and like LitRPG at all, or are fans of SF's Bobiverse (Dennis Taylor), then you'll probably get a HUGE kick out of this.

You know -- an intelligent, ever-growing dungeon makes friends and enemies and does everything it can to level up like any other player character. WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

Well, plenty, as this book shows. This isn't a slow-moving series. We're already in total apocalypse times with a Sephiroth-level calamity on the way and all the S-ranked mages and crapping their diapers. Even Cal, who isn't even an A-ranked dungeon at the beginning of this book is practically helpless despite having thrown an ENTIRE MOUNTAIN at the problem.

Oh, and this is still funny as hell. Those freaky barbarian marriage ceremonies are SPREADING. All I can say is... OUCH.

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