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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Tower of Fools (Hussite Trilogy, #1)The Tower of Fools by Andrzej Sapkowski
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay now. This is something huge. But I need to properly put this book (and the prospective trilogy) in context.

If you know the Witcher series you know he writes wonderful and complex characters, enjoys a vast and subtle world-building system, and sneaks you up to immense complications.

This NEW series is entirely historical, revolving around Europe and especially Poland during the 15th Century and it is RICH with history. (When I say it's rich, what I mean is that you can get a Masters in history with a focus on this time period and you'll be pointing your finger on every page, going, OH! THAT!)

And it doesn't just show off its knowledge. The story is as great as the main character, and UNLIKE history (depending on who you ask), there is magic everywhere. Wanna have a run-in with diabolists and the Guttenberg press? Real witches among the witch trials? Cathar-like crusaders with actual Templars versus woodland nymphs and the very spirit of Catholic Heresy and all the F**ed up wars of this period all wrapped into one huge RICH mess?

You've got it. Right here.

Make no mistake. It's absolutely a historical novel in all the big senses. But it is ALSO the start of a new epic fantasy that's boiling over with magic. Even if the main character is only characterized as an apprentice. :)

Be prepared for the madhouse/inquisition, you grimdark fans.

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