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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Kings of Heaven (Ash and Sand, #3)Kings of Heaven by Richard Nell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

With the Ash and Sand trilogy's conclusion, I find I'm sad. All three books gave us an increasingly wider expanse of land, people, and scope.

After the interesting and rather vast setup in the first book and the surprising twist of characterization in the second, I expected something equally surprising to come out of the third. Getting a whole land, another empire, and a huge war is something of a bonus. Maybe I expected a rather huge twist to the characters, one more time. What I did get was quite satisfying, of course. I never expected Kale to be such a vengeful ghost. I really enjoyed Ruka's journey, his power, and his discoveries.

The other nation and its characters were fine. Quite horse-lordy, a mix between Rohan and Westeros, and I'm sure they will really appeal to a lot of readers. But I was more interested in Ruka and Kale. I think the best part of this was the ultimate spiritual journey.

Not that we read these particularly for that kind of journey, mind you, but I liked it. :)

Oh, and fighting like a boss god doesn't hurt.

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