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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

No Time for Fear: How a shark attack survivor beat the oddsNo Time for Fear: How a shark attack survivor beat the odds by Paul de Gelder
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If I had come to myself as I was 5 years ago and said that I will have read an inspirational memoir about a shark attack victim and the tale of his life before and after the big event, my old self would have probably have laughed in my face.

"What," the old me would have said, "the hell would have inspired you to read such unabashed tripe?"

I'd reply, "I got roped into it."

"You sure you didn't get tossed in the drink to be a chew toy?"

"Eh, smartass. It's meant to be INSPIRATIONAL."

"Why, because you're such a stubborn athletic specimen that had gone through both Australian infantry and the dive teams? Because you really have that go-getter f*** y** attitude?"

"I am stubborn, you jerk."

"Yeah, yeah."

So I read this and it is inspirational. The boy succeeded against the odds.

But do you know what I really got out of this?

He's got some top-notch toys now. He's gone transhumanist. He's a real-life swimming cyborg.

Okay. I'm a bit weird.

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