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Friday, June 8, 2018

The Line of Polity (Agent Cormac, #2)The Line of Polity by Neal Asher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm really impressed by what Neal Asher has done with the series. I've read a few of his other novels by now but this one, even more than Prador Moon, captured my imagination best. Gridlinked had some good moments, but Line of Polity, overall, is the superior read.

First thing I noticed was how deep and detailed the worldbuilding was. I loved the whole mixture of the Theocracy, all the huge amounts of biotech and symbiotes that allowed the benighted locals live on the planet, and the idea that there needed to be a real rebellious element established and kicking for the Polity to step in and knock the bad guys off the world.

Sound like America the Police Force, anyone? lol I kept expecting a nod or two to Central American nations, but no, Asher keeps it relatively clean. The idea that America is run by immense AIs is actually a sobering and enlightening idea compared to what we've got now. :)

SO, back to the story. It's all great action! Some intrigue, a lot of rebellious insurgents we want to root for, Cormac mostly on the outside trying to force the issue and free the peoples down below, and plenty of surprises in between. His friends are mightily interesting. And I might be able to swing a certain Dragon in that category as long as I use the term very broadly. :)

Overall, I see tones and shades of Iain M. Banks and a number of other Space Opera authors, but interestingly enough, Asher seems to have better overall action sequences and focus than all the others I've read.

Nice, huh? Space Opera for Space Opera enthusiasts. Fewer politics, more blaze, a ton more varied tech and nearly singularity-level situations, especially with a certain mycelium. :) That s*** is powerfully interesting. :) Much better villain this time around.

I can honestly say the stories are only getting better. :)

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