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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Tomb (Repairman Jack, #1)The Tomb by F. Paul Wilson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This novel has a lot of modern (80's) thriller sensibilities with a can-do 'fixer' focused mainly on character study and definition, mostly in the same way that horror novels do it. Righting wrongs, giving up close and personal Justice to those who escape the law.

With a supernatural twist. Hindu Rakashas!

It sounds pretty cool, actually, but my personal expectations were more along the lines of a proto-modern UF... and it is. It just happens to be MORE focused on character study and interpersonal dynamics. Good for what it is and if you prefer that kind of thing. It's a decent horror, I suppose, but it happens to be perfectly average, as one, unless you give bonus points for using the idea of Rakashas as the primary story.

I've read a lot of things like this, however. I enjoyed the exploration of Kali and Hindu mythos well, but I might want to point at Dan Simmon's Song of Kali as a bit more horrific and fascinating.

This one, however, is a modern thriller and should have a lot of ongoing appeal. I'll continue the series to see if it continues to evolve. There's a number of books behind this one. :)

Final grade? Above average. Solid.

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