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Friday, May 11, 2018

Degrading Orbits (Darkside Earther #2)Degrading Orbits by Bradley Horner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So I decided to write a fake review for my wonderful glorious new novel, but I got stuck with the wording.

I started out with "... a gruff semaphore from Niflheim ..."

And then felt jealous of "... an urgent tickertape from hell ..."

But in the end, I felt that neither were quite as timely as "... a fart of an IM from rehab ..."

But in reality, I am very pleased with how this turned out. I leveled up. I also followed my heart, kinda bled for this novel. I decided to go all out with the cool stuff, the action, and the pain. There's very little teenage stuff in here. It's dark, adventuresome, wild with tech, imagination, and pathos.

Axel and Helen are pretty much tortured. This is where several worlds collide. On multiple levels.

I can't wait to see people's reactions. :) Working on the third and last book in the trilogy even now.

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