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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Wolf HuntWolf Hunt by Jeff Strand
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gotta love me some horror/humor!

I can totally see myself watching this as a low-budget horror! Two thugs, a hapless girl, and a truly monstrous werewolf. Make it a road trip. Add tons of cool quips and sassy dialogue and make sure everything that can go wrong, does.

Simple? Hell yeah. Trashy? Hell yeah. But I should point out that it's also funny as hell and when it gets bloody, it's just as delicious. I can't believe that Ivan the Werewolf can be so damn evil! Like, utterly nasty. Such a relief from Team Jacob. (Of which there was a reference.) :)


Why haven't I ever read Strand before? It takes a certain kind of genius to write B-Movie madness so well off the screen. This novel zipped by real quick, dirty, and fun. :) Total mindcandy. I mean, what else can you expect when you throw two idiot bounty hunters at a werewolf? They're completely unprepared!

Time to claw out some eyeballs for fun! :) Truly delightful. :)

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