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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Cyclops RoadCyclops Road by Jeff Strand
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Ah, but what kind of zany awesome awaits us?

Cyclops? HELLO?

Really, it's not my favorite of Strand's novels, but it's still easy and entertaining and it takes on a whole new riff of RPG gaming meets road trip. All the great prophesy and gaining new adventurer cliches are perfectly intact, including tragic backstory, weird and vague plot points (on purpose, mind you,) and pure streamlined adventure.

Why kill the cyclops? Better question... why is some 44-year-old who had just lost his wife a week earlier then quitting his job and helping out some stray woman that kicked some robber's butts? The answer is... WHY THE HELL NOT? Depression and denial make people do the damndest things. You know, like bloodsports. And climbing down ancient trap-filled wells. It's perfectly reasonable!

Did I say zany?

Oh, yeah. And entertaining. I really like Strand's stuff. It brings out my inner twelve-year-old. :)

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