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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Mrs. DraculaMrs. Dracula by Logan Keys
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Here's a cool read for Halloween, folks!

Indeed, it's a short story collection by a bunch of cool folks focusing on the brides of Mr. Bad Boy without ever dealing with Vlad much at all. Rather, we get a lot of historical pieces from the women who barely had a role at all in the original Dracula. Indeed, this one can read quite nicely as absolutely dominated with females if not a decidedly feminist bent.

My favorites are with Mina as carried on in the future, but in point of fact, we've got a very wide cast hitting so many great history points, from WWI, II, Flappers in the '20's, a Wild-West train heist, to a number globe-trotting moderns making their way the best they can.

Some of these short stories are plainly fun slasher-types, but more than a few are full of complicated plots, great settings, emotional depth, and great action. Most aren't a gimmick. Most of these are quite entertaining even to the savvy horror reader. :)

I had a great time! It's a perfect mood-builder. :)

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