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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

After the End of the WorldAfter the End of the World by Jonathan L. Howard
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sometimes it seems that this world doesn't have enough Cthulhu adventures. It's a real fault.

Fortunately, JLH has a cure in mind.

Granted, he may have helped unfold the world we all knew and loved to send us right into an alternate timeline where Nazis got the atomic bomb and wiped out Stalingrad, leaving poor Carter and Lovecraft stranded with memories of both timelines but stuck in the new one. My heart goes out to them!

Really, this book should appeal to anyone who loves Strange Tales, Private Investigators, rampant Lovecraftian universe references, and monster romps in remote locations. This novel has it all, including some rather good explorations of what such a timeline would include, not limiting itself to some of the obvious oddities, but getting subtle on us, too.

It's really delightful and tickles most of my funny bones.

My only complaint is a personal one. A lot of people might enjoy the traditional mystery feel and the buildup by way of sidequests before we get to the bottom of the Zero Energy experiment, but I personally wanted things to move along to the goodies a bit quicker. Not a big complaint, just a preference. :)

Thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read this! And just in time for October, too! :)

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