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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Lycanthrope Rising (The Toronto Vampire Chronicles #2)Lycanthrope Rising by John Matsui
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lycanthrope Rising continues to take the whole Vamp/werewolf convention and turn it on its head, crafting a courtroom drama out of an outed vampire, seeing how he enjoys the limelight as a spiritual guru and on the other side of the coin is an introduction and complicated tale of modern werewolf society as seen through heavy corporate drama mixed with a distinctive Godfather feel.

How could people be missing this? It's awesome!

Granted, I'm a huge fan of mixed genres and Mr. Matsui here not only has a grand and deft hand at all these genres, but he manages to weave them as skillfully as I've ever seen.

Honestly, these books are a real treat for well-read fans of all these genres, but I doubt even the casual reader is gonna complain. There's great tension, pathos, commentary, satire, drama, all based on solid reason. Hell, we even have plausible science, a genetic twist, ancient history, a bit of romance, and a really cool gladiator twist.

How? Just... how?

I should really just say... TRUST THE AUTHOR. :) These are a really wild ride and this sequel to Late Bite is keeping up the quality. :)

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