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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Twin Spirit (Domino Galaxy, #1)Twin Spirit by Matthew Thompson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is an enjoyable YA adventure tale set on earth and in one of the more interesting afterworlds I've read.

I mean, what YA SF adventure could be good without killing off the characters and sending them right into the hereafter, right? Goodbye mortal coil.

Oh? The characters are ghosts? Well, one may be, but she's kinda angry to be entwined with her twin, and the only way to separate them is through a quest among the lands ruled by the Govern, the aliens made of spirit that control, to good and ill effect, the many, many worlds, the cut-and-paste duplications and innovations from earth and earth's people.

Imagine my surprise when this world-building got even better, when I discovered that all the dead have colonized the galaxy in grand fashion, that the dead can either stay the same age on earth or decide to move on and grow old, elsewhere. So pretty, and varied, too, where minor rulers and even people from earth can temporarily make their own realms however they wish, but don't think this is a heaven. The alien overlords provide plenty of conflict even without the human bad-guys. :)

Like mobsters, bandits, steampunk-like innovations? How about tentacled beasties and teleportation?

And let's not forget our MCs, either, who are richly drawn and provide a very satisfying tale to us.

I'm looking forward to reading the adult novel set in the same universe, now!

Thanks definitely goes to the author for the ARC of this pleasurable and easy read. :)

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