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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Star Wars: BloodlineStar Wars: Bloodline by Claudia Gray
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I decided to read this for three reasons.

My love for the Star Wars universe is deep and wide, but not wide enough to devour every novel that comes out, so this only brings me so far.

My second reason is that other reviewers have raved about this title, so that makes me warm up inside and open my mind to new possibilities.

And the third reason, the one that tipped me over the edge? Well, it's Claudia Gray. I read Lost Stars last year and was very, very impressed. Not only did she pull it off again, but this novel directly ties in to the events before Ep 7.

What more could I want? I get the establishment of the First Order, the collapse of the New Republic, the semi-disgrace of Leia, which explains why so very little of the might we'd seen in from the rebels was now available to our heroes in the new film. It was delicious, and while we don't get things explained from the Dark Side, I have nothing but good things to say about the developed complex relationships and friendships coming from opposing sides. It was rather heartening, even if this was, in fact, a novel of tragedy.

If this had been a standalone SF without a franchise, I would have merited it just as broadly. In fact, I might have gushed more, because let's face it... franchise novels lend themselves wonderfully to fans looking down on them. Or maybe that's just me. Regardless, I loved this one and I think I might just pick up any Tie-In novel that Claudia Gray decides to pen. If the quality remains this good, then I have no excuses not to. :)

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