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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Harry Potter, #8)Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Aaaaand... Read. :)

How was it? Was it everything I'd hoped it would be? Potterfan that I am?

Hell yeah. Sure, if you all want something edgy, look elsewhere. No hot slant fiction here. This is a great buddy, father-son, father-daughter fiction. It easily fits into the cannon, with tons of revisited scenes from the originals in the form of dreams and timey-wimey stuff, but there's a reason for all of that and it's not a lack of imagination. At this point, it's both nostalgia and crazy emotional crap for the poor kids of Harry and Draco, who just happen to be best buds. Gotta love the drama around those households when the parents get into their shit, right?

What's surprising is how much of a pain it is being the sons of these particular famous peeps, and just how much it turns them into loners and losers and misunderstood outcasts, and therefore ripe for our sympathy. It's a tried and true method, even for Rowling, but it's no less effective here than it was for Harry. It's odd how the same sins are always revisited, right? Well it's true across time and surrogate parentages and all the mistakes that everyone keeps making despite the very best of intentions.

The drama is pure.

And if you're worried that there won't be enough magic and excitement and NUTSO altered realities on huge scales and truly horrific reversals, then just relax and get very anxious, because I sat on the edge of my seat as I saw this play performed in my mind. :)

Will I scream bloody murder if this doesn't get made into a movie down the line after the play-cycle has ended?

Yes. Yes I will. It's a good Harry Potter book, damn it. It changes the meanings of books 3 and book 4 in their interpretations and their importance. It makes me want to do another close read of them to pick out the pieces and see where they tie back into the play. :) There's some pretty cool nit-picky stuff here for us, folks. I'm loving the easter eggs.

Satisfying? Very much so. Fathers and father figures were always big in the series and it's even better now with Albus and Harry. I got all teary. :)

Don't worry about all the haters. This stuff is good. :)

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