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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fix ('Mancer, #3)Fix by Ferrett Steinmetz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

HOOKED HOOKED HOOKED I'm so hooked to this series, but that's hardly the half of it. Ferrett continues to shock and amaze and simply improve upon everything he's accomplished so far.

So. As of right now, I'm positively quaking from the need to just rave and gush and talk about all the spoilers that I'm super obsessed on, where I obsess so much that I start 'Mancing about a book about 'Mancing.

Look. I'm sorry. The book hasn't been published yet, and all I want to do is tell everyone just how spoiled I am to have read about how all of my favorite characters from the previous novels went through the ringer, got fleshed out even more in the most delightful and painful ways ever, and just how surprised I was with not just the twists and turns they took, but how the resolution panned, too!

Of course, it's even worse than that. The characters are the heart of the story, but I can't even begin to truly gush about the fact we've gone to destroyed Europe, or just how, exactly, the rising action and final shocking and crazy and delightful and painful and awe-inspiring action resolves.

From the start, this series has been an amazing UF with damn amazing twists to both characters and plots, and this third (and probably final, at least for Paul and family,) lives up to all the surprises and twists of the previous ones. And then some. There's never ever a dull moment and the emotions are real.

I mean, hopefully it won't be considered too much of a spoiler to mention that at the beginning of the book, our happy magical family is directly responsible for opening a rift to demon dimensions to consume Kentucky, and the fact that Paul's unable to fix it, thanks to the scared and unthinking actions of normal folks, sends him and the rest of the underground 'Mancers into a spiral of run and regret... and that's just the opening.

The Unimancers are a really big part of this one, and after that setup, it looks like all their resources are now rather focused.

Yeah, things have taken a rather more global turn, this time. We've moved away from NYC. The political activism has just been completely scrapped. Even Fight Club is on the ropes.

I can't believe how good this one was. #totalfanboy.

Thanks to Netgalley for putting me through the hell of reading such a damn good book and being unable to spoil the living hell out of what happens because I've gone total obsessional fanboy over it.



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