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Friday, April 22, 2016

The Circuit: Progeny of Vale (The Circuit, #2)The Circuit: Progeny of Vale by Rhett C. Bruno
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Great continuance of the Circuit series picking up right after Vale dropped his bombshell from book one, out to gather allies in his revolution and finding out that things never go quite to plan. Adim, on the other hand, is someone I continually want to ascribe as a character separate and growing from Vale, and he is, but since the two are never twain and their wills are almost never apart, it's easy to combine the two characters as one super-character. :) And that's not really that far off the mark, honestly.

Talon has had it hard, but he's regaining his balance and discovering that he's the real hero of the tale, and far from being listless and depressed due to his circumstance, he's ready and able to throw off his shackles and join the fight.

Most surprising, I think, is Sage's tale of breaking free and finding a goal to live by. Hers may be the best of the three interweaving character arcs, but that might simply be my mood. And maybe it's the pathos. I love to see these three shoot across the sky and intersecting in strange orbital arcs.

Are you ready for War? There's plenty of feels for ya and the life in the solar system is going to be quite chaotic from here on out. I know I'm hooked.

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