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Friday, April 29, 2016

Space Raptor Butt InvasionSpace Raptor Butt Invasion by Chuck Tingle
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Hugo Awards 2016 Short Story Nominee.

Yes. Hugo. This is proof that the Rabid Puppies are still active.

Now, I promised myself, despite all the ribbing over the years that I'd never, ever, ever touch Chuck Tingle (or read his stuff), I find myself reading this One Work.

Are you surprised? I'm surprised!

Did I like it? Even though I, and so many SF/F fans know that we are being punked? How this shows that we have or haven't any sense of humor?

Uh. Even as satire, this is still just gay raptor sex. There's not enough satire to hang a tiny paper lantern on. Not even on the raptor's scaly dick.

*sigh* This is worse than being punked. There's not even enough of *anything* to even grin about except getting a rise out of your friends, be they gay (or not) for raptors.

Monster erotica is funny because it's a great conversation piece. It belongs there. I heartily approve.

I do *not* approve of the Hugo's being dragged through the mud when there *are* so many truly awesome short stories out there, by truly awesome writers who pour their hearts and souls into making great fiction. A lot of which I've even READ last year, despite my focusing nearly exclusively on novels.

Is this some of the nastiest examples of stupid reactionary right-wing politics in the SF/F fan community that I've ever seen? No. Not by a really long shot. I'll reserve that for the rape and murder threats toward women writers.

No More. God Damn It. NO MORE SHIT.

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