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Saturday, July 8, 2023

Ghost Story (The Dresden Files, #13)Ghost Story by Jim Butcher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After Changes, Ghost Story is one hell of a change of pace. The previous one was a war filled with tragedy. This one was... well... someone(ahem) was nearly powerless.

That being said, I had an immensely good time reading this. The scale was as small as the previous one was big, and the very structure of it made me chortle with glee.

That's not to say it was all humor. I hated seeing the aftermath of Changes. Molly was heartbreaking. Mort was a rather nice character to get to know. Butters puts the deathless in polka.

Frankly, this is ALSO one of my favorites in the series. I love a great power-down, making due with so much less. Superman lost his sun.

So, yeah, Dresden is still fantastic, first read or re-read, as it is for me now.

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