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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The Human (Rise of the Jain #3)The Human by Neal Asher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow, wow, wow.

This third book in this trilogy more than satisfied, it blew my mind.

The first two books in the trilogy brought in so many awesome story elements and high-tech goodies (and extremely low-tech Spatterjay ones) that the whole story served as a melting pot of all the most outrageously dangerous elements... only to throw them all at the even MORE outrageous Jain tech.

The Soldier referred to a nearly impossibly strong Jain soldier, The Warship ramped up the threat level to unimaginably powerful levels, and this book, The Human, is deceptive in its title...

Because it's actually a full throw-down NASTY battle that brought in every AI battleship including Earth Central itself, the whole Prador Kingdom, and it even forced our clever little subversive Jain-tech provocateur into pulling out all the stops, transforming a whole damn planet to fight the threat.


And guess who gets trounced?


This has got to be some of the most freakishly awesome high-tech nightmare scenarios set in the far-future that I've ever read.

It requires a LOT of build-up from all the earlier novels, but damn is it WORTH it! All the previous incursions of Jain, or Dragon, or anything related to the AI ships, of Spatterjay, or even the truly great inclusions of Pennyroyal all lend itself to the making of this amazing blow-out.

I can never recommend reading this on its own, but for the fans that have come this far?

Pure Nirvana.

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