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Thursday, February 7, 2019

The n-Body ProblemThe n-Body Problem by Tony Burgess
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the dead Disney princess of literature.

What would happen if you mixed heavy metal with a cancer ward, turning the world into sad walking zombies that aren't particularly dangerous... just disgusting, roving, mounds of sex... and then decide that the only way to take care of the hoards is to shoot them into near-Earth orbit.

It absolutely has great writing, but NOTHING about this is easy, comfortable, or particularly sane. Depressing? Yes, as can be foretold by the pages-worth of antidepressants, cancer meds, and survival in a world made up of unbreakable corpses dumped in troves of quivering, licking mounds.

What was most disgusting? Just about all the sex references. There's nothing sexy about it. The imagery is some of the most horrible I've ever read. Evocative, powerful, horrible, but not GOOD.

I am the devil's stomach.

Hell, every time I think it can't get more horrible, it proves me wrong. And wrong again. It's a mosh pit of corrosion and carved maggots.

But honestly? It's so bad it's freaking wonderful. Hardcore spatterpunk and body-horror doesn't begin to describe it. It goes deeper than anything on this surface. :)


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