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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Alice Payne Rides (Alice Payne, #2)Alice Payne Rides by Kate Heartfield
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Time-travel goodness!

The strengths of the first novella carry over well to the second, with the unforgettable Alice, the protected Jane, and the very interesting Prudence leading the fray.

Out of respect for this not quite being published yet, I'll keep spoilers at bay. Plenty happens *ahemArthurahem* that requires a lot of interesting reveals, but more importantly, the subject of vaccinations and plague takes a front-row seat in this one. Me likey. Add some interesting developments in the Time War, a bit of subterfuge, threat, and new tech, throw it into a steaming pot of timeline erasures, additions, subtractions, and swirl it around with existing/nonexisting family members, and we've got ourselves a plainly fun tale.

Remember the stodgy old-tyme time-travel tales of old? Yeah, you can drop those off in your local time-recyclers because this one is entirely up-to-date with our modern voracious action-starved appetites. :)


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