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Friday, August 31, 2018

Vallista (Vlad Taltos, #15)Vallista by Steven Brust
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I won't say this is my favorite of the Vlad Taltos series, but when it comes to my ongoing need to re-immerse myself in the world that Brust has made, it's a solid addition... maybe not so much in the earlier bits, but when the mystery-fantasy begins unfolding, I really got into it.

That being said, Vlad goes time-hopping.

No, he's not becoming a god. He's still on the run and he has his friend-turned-into-a-sword and his two dragons within him. He just happens to have his mysterious disappearing friend send him on a mission to a mansion that happens to be WONKY as hell. You know, big magics, big mysteries, and a chance for Vlad to hop around all his old stomping grounds and other places he'd never been.

Fun? Sure! Resolved very well? Yep!

Somewhat a light adventure that kinda wraps up in a single sitting and we can promptly forget about it despite a number of BIG themes that have already been developed in the previous 14 novels? Yes.

Let me make this clear. Vlad, for me, has always been about a beautifully drawn worldbuilding experience with many races and many places, a funny assassin with an even funnier pet psychic dragon who joins him on every quest, and the magic. Lots of magic.

This is kinda light on the worldbuilding this time. The new places are fun tho. :)

Still gonna keep up with this series and see where it leads. Should be a full 17 book cycle, each focusing on a single theme on the fun pictorial wheel provided in the text. :)

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