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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Land: Swarm (Chaos Seeds, #5)The Land: Swarm by Aleron Kong
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm still having a great time with these books and feel no compulsion to go anywhere else.

But why?

Because I'm grinding, man. I'm grinding. I don't even care what I'm grinding for. I'm performing skills and tasks and taking on all my automatic quests and I'm loving it. Sure, it's sometimes a bit difficult, but the glory is all in the discovery.

How can I make my character not just powerful, but uber-powerful and insanely powerful and should I go the demi-lich route or become an epic enchanter or just WHAT sort of profession should I take? *rubs hands together*

This is ADDICTION, yo. Need to allocate my skill points, my war party points, my alchemy points, my enchanter points, my deep magic animal bonding skills. I need to make my own magic books. I need to outfit my whole village until it can take on whole kingdoms, yo. This is about making fountains of power erupt across my land and drawing untold allies and enemies to my doorstep.

This is about empire.

Or not. Maybe it's just about graduating from those weak fire spells and moving on to something a bit more average. Maybe someday I can tackle an ancient dungeon. :)

Do I identify with Richter? Maybe a bit. :) This is all an epic RPG. Who doesn't want to level up? Anyone? Bueler? It's ALL about leveling up. :)

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