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Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Land: Forging (Chaos Seeds, #2)The Land: Forging by Aleron Kong
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Level 15, baby. Level 15.

Seriously though, this book, like the previous, is all for the gamers. We might like to think it's a D&D adventure put to novel with all the fourth-wall breaking thanks to real-time stats and level-ups right after boss battles, and perhaps it is, BUT... it's equally an in-depth adventure worthy of all the generic MMORPGs out there. Or even just a grand Bethesda time. I laughed my buttocks off when Ritcher spent an afternoon casting spells, one after another, just for the skill gains, and just how anxious he made his little kingdom's subjects. :)

Indeed, I keep seeing an Oblivion/Skyrim trends going on here as well as some great 3.5 min-maxing and power-leveling tricks. Yeah. Power-leveling AND grand multi-multi classing. Why stick with one when you can be everything... right, Dragonborn? ;)

It's all about the leveling, baby. Trading skills, relationship skills, a bit of a necromancer smackdown, and a defend the castle, all rolled into one. Why aren't I playing this game in RL? Oh, wait, I do. I will. But reading happens to be slightly faster for the gameplay. :) Plus, I get the thrill of super-fast fanfares and the feeling of doom because this gamer is JUST NOT DOING IT RIGHT. Allocation, allocation, allocation.... *cry*

The sense of tragedy is cloying.

And yet I can't stop reading. It's such popcorn fiction. :) Litrpg at it's most basic. :)

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