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Saturday, November 14, 2020

The Wild (A Requiem For Homo Sapiens, #2)The Wild by David Zindell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This next book in the Requiem for Homo Sapiens is just as wild as the previous two.

I don't often see books like this. It's full space-opera, but by way of The Odyssey by way of debunking various far-future searching for God.

But, of course, gods are a relative thing when thousands of years in the future, adding so many high-tech paths to enlightenment, physical power, and ways of thought (including electronic immortality, the stars in the center of the galaxy blowing up, a stellar cloud being a solid-state machine intelligence or even clusters of Dyson spheres being evacuated).

And below it all, ancient wars between uber-powerful races of humanity still feel fresh. Vital. And Danlo only wants to stay true to his belief in humanity. Of living life. High-tech nirvana, extreme maths, exploring ever-deeper parts of the galaxy, and reconnecting with ancient high-tech civilizations devoted to turning themselves into various versions of gods is the name of the game.

The Architects, in particular, are just as thoroughly imagined as Neverness was. Reading this book pretty much blew me away.

Whether it's a search for a cure for his people or the deification of his father or just wanting to get an answer for how BROKEN this universe is, Danlo's quest is timeless, rather MORE impressive than any other book I've read, and these have suddenly become a candidate for one of my top-favorite series of all time.

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