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Thursday, November 26, 2020

The River of ConsciousnessThe River of Consciousness by Oliver Sacks
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As a really interesting primer on Oliver Sacks, published after his death, I can't recommend this book enough. It's short, lucid, and full of interesting tidbits that explore the neurophysiological foundations of consciousness, from Darwin to Freud to regular philosophy. But it doesn't end there, moving into Sacks' own major field of study.

When it comes to problems of perception and physical problems that lead to the breakdown into altered states of consciousness, Sacks shines. He always humanizes his case studies and elucidates upon them into rather reasonable but utterly fascinating conclusions.

This does touch broadly upon the full subject of consciousness and I really enjoyed it. This is very much a science book and while it is hardly exhaustive, it does paint a very interesting picture that may very well spark a fire in our minds.

I'd very much recommend this for young readers and anyone who still believes in science. The mind is not unknowable. It does still need to be seriously considered.

I LOVED the full discussions about speeded perceptions and slowed perceptions. I have a soft spot for it because I've written a number of novels based on it. :)

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