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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Wrath of Betty (Willful Child #2)Wrath of Betty by Steven Erikson
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Whereas the first Willful Child was a harrowingly wicked and smart loving/parody of Star Trek with an episodic feel barrelling down to the eventual discovery of Tammy's origins, the Wrath of Betty feels more like a movie tie-in.

Which is only fair, considering the title.

Fascinating references include time travel to Comicon in 2015 to find the missing Krill, dark universe hijinx with women commanding all the battleships, (including a female doppelganger for our favorite insane MC), and plenty of gorgeous and delightful references to other SFnal universes like Wall-E and Star Wars... because everyone should be heckled.

Including Sad Puppies. It was pretty glorious to join our heroes in the takedown that egalitarian utopia based on respect and reason, relocating them the way a nuclear bomb can relocate atoms in the wind of desolation. Obviously, the SJWs are the greater evil. Bigotry and wanton destruction is our species birthright. Huah.

Am I a big fan? Oh yeah. So much happens, so many SHARP commentaries, so many unbelievably wicked satirical moments.

These are the continuing adventures of the Willful Child, promoting the cloning of a boss's literal asshole to a shipful of aliens who all willingly severed a thumb to ceremonially place in the said asshole.

A bit edgy? Perhaps. But also funny as hell.

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