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Friday, November 23, 2018

H+ incorporatedH+ incorporated by Gary Dejean
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a surprisingly fast and fun cyberpunk read, less concerned with the punk and more in tune with the cyber.

It's Cyborg City! Sort of. The town is built into a floating city where robotics flourished and the human element languished. Transhumanist paradise, only it's no paradise. The author gives us cool characters who either uphold the law, create the tech, consume the tech in a big way (cyborg boy!) or otherwise support those who must.

The details and scope are very important in this short novel. Themes, as well. Are we the pieces of our body, or will we forever be whittled down to lease-parts and remaining biology? The injustice of high-cost prosthetics, mortgaging your very life and mobility because you have a disease or are otherwise crippled, is insane to contemplate. Especially when companies can just demand you give your leg back. Or your whole body.

The novel quickly turns into a furiously excellent action thriller that I could literally see and enjoy in my mind's eye with perfect clarity. I could almost feel the explosions, the bullets, and the wild glee. :)

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