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Friday, October 5, 2018

Extinction (The Remaining, #6)Extinction by D.J. Molles
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I think this one was probably the second best of the 6 books. I'll say the first was still best, but that's because a beginning is a very delicate time. People get hurt so easily then! And we don't have such an IMMENSE body count.

But then we get to the 6th book and that's the main strength. Two militaries and a HOARD of zombies. Not quite a free-for-all, but the action takes place on many fronts.

I was getting tired of all the mil-sf stuff, the automatic 'let's go there' permission-to-be-evil or at least try to feel fine with yourself as you get more brutal, more deadly expedient, more revengeful with every betrayal.

There's a big lie going on here. Yes, in reality, there are circumstances where doing the horrible thing can be justified, but DAMN... almost all the fiction of today conflates those circumstances to absolutely insane degrees. In reality, I can see 1/10,000 cases where it might be necessary compared to fiction.

What is this? This isn't really mil-porn, is it? No. It's permission for readers to feel good about their own sociopathy. We want to let loose and kill everyone who betrays us or hurts others, and screw law, civilization, or red-tape. We readers seem to scream for more opportunities to just let loose with every animal instinct and/or thirst for blood.

I admit I feel the same. On occasion. But this general condoning and conflating is nuts. It reads like we all should rally round our families with a pocket full of shells. Damn all else. And that's RIGHT, isn't it? And every eye gets poked out. lol

I rant. I know.

Still, this was a very good end for the series. No complaints. It even had an up-note and a positive message in the middle of the pile of crap. :)

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