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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Long Mars (The Long Earth, #3)The Long Mars by Terry Pratchett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Still very, very enjoyable, this series continues on as a grand adventure across worlds and worlds.

I think the final count was somewhere around a quarter of a billion Earths, where all possible worlds and iterations of the formation of the world was explored by a special dirigible. :) Almost steampunk, but more quantumpunk in my estimation.

And during this, another grand adventure takes place on Mars... but not the Mars we think we know. It's the Long Mars, where all possible iterations and special implications tied to the whole concept of a "Long" anything says that there must be intelligent perception and action to guide all these Poindexter iterations of the world. Cool? Oh yeah. Expect Martians and weird ecologies and biologies and psychologies.

This is a wild romp of the imagination AND a major tipping of the hat to both real science and possibility.

And all the while, the social ramifications continue to make a big mark on humanity... and a new species of humanity that is coming right from our own stock is caught right in the crosshairs. We all know these new kids aren't all dummies. Some of them are quite bright. They couldn't be a step forward, could they? Of course not. Homo-non-stupiditus, eh?

Plenty goes on in the development of this future Earth and the exploration of Mars. Don't miss it! :) And don't leave your Awe at home! :)

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