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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Absolute ZeroAbsolute Zero by Drew Cordell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This second book continues Absolute Knowledge right where it left off, and does it beautifully, knocking the intrigue right out of the park and into action and a very dystopian militaristic world.

From eerie cyberpunk right into androids, mech-suits, and a world that is sliding ever deeper into chaos.

Years pass and we've got old and new MC's just trying to hang on as the absolute AI and the highest caged-prey of humanity lives out their lives in gilded cages.

And yet, through all the hard-scrabble existence and infighting among the last of humanity, big reveals are still coming and the revolution hasn't quite lost all its momentum.

This is a newer age of cyberpunk. Hardcore mil-SF, too. And where the first novel was intrigue, smaller-scale, and rebellion from the inside, this one takes over with action and, ultimately, a very dark turn.

Very enjoyable! Hard-SF for lovers of dystopia, mil-SF, and high-tech, all still based on Earth in the nearish future... so far. :) It comes as a very interesting piece with all the short stories and novellas. The world-building is quite fantastic. :) I recommend those, too.

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